About Us

Alive Entertainment

We are Alive Entertainment of New York, NY and Las Vegas, NV!

We design, print, and build unique experiences and environments for special events, venues, and trade shows.

For over a decade we have been the production backbone for event planners, trade shows, agencies, celebrities, and vendors nationwide!

Our custom fabrication capabilities for events and venues is unmatched.

 Meet Our Brands


Red Carpet Entrances logo

Red Carpet Entrances

We build extraordinary red carpet entrances and VIP experiences!

Our storefront features hand-selected solutions we use as a full-service event vendor.



Canvas Caddy logo

Canvas Caddy

Canvas Caddy is an interchangeable fabric graphic in an aluminum frame! Easily swap photos, artwork, or advertisements utilizing SEG banner technology.

Products Include:


Chromawall Logo

Chroma Wall

Chroma Wall is the first studio quality portable green screen.

The success of this product line continues to push our innovation! We have since created the first retractable green screen and the first wall-mounted green screen available.  We have also engineered the first 360 green screens and 360 photo booths. We are ready to help content producers of all types, especially Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) studios, or anyone who needs a custom green screen solution.

See more on our virtual reality products via virtual reality green screens page.

More chroma key green products in development, including a VR Cube / portable VR studio.

Let us help you build the perfect capture environment!

We print custom green screen fabric, custom photo booths, and build tension fabric displays for productions of all types.